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Training Options


Customised On-site Training

On-site training days are an ideal way to get your software working harder for your organisation. The benefits of these days are only limited by the way you use our time.

We use these on-site days to deliver tailored training according to your business requirements. We are able to develop custom training solutions designed to meet specific industry needs or project deliverables, while accommodating personnel skill level, schedule limitations and budgetary constraints.

A2K Technologies’ on-site days are the most effective way to help you perform faster, smarter and better with your software.


Global eTraining

Learning is no longer bound by the confines of the classroom. A2K Technologies recognises this and offers the flexibility of online training.

Save time, reduce costs, and increase productivity and retention rates with A2K Technologies’ e-training services. Courses are available in Guided and Flexible options, allowing the end user to choose the most effective means of attaining a professional level of competence on the most popular CAD software.

Individual and corporate training solutions are available, and are easy to set up and administer.

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