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How do I get my outdoor event approved?

All club events and meetings will need to be approved by Student Activities at least one week prior to the event. The club Approval Event Form can be found on HFS or the ASWU website. Club events need to be approved before they are advertised to the campus community.

How many people can attend outdoor events?

The maximum amount of people that can attend outdoor events is 30. You may stream your event to reach a larget audience if you desire. ASWU has two streaming cameras available to check-out.

Do participants still need to wear a mask and physically distance?


How do I insure people keep their distance?

You can use yard signs or stakes that you can get from ASWU to mark out places that people may stand/sit.

Can I stream my event if it is outdoors?

Yes. The Mevo cameras provided by ASWU act as their own personal hotspot. This allows you to stream from anywhere.

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