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We regularly develop applications for clients wishing to increase productivity through standard work practices and automated activities. Applications have been written to set data standards, simplify software operations and automate complex design methods using tools such as AutoLISP, Object ARX, & Visual BASIC.

Most CAD programs are not intended to be used "out of the box" for architectural or engineering drafting.
Base programs such as AutoCAD provide a robust and highly customisable foundation on which to build discipline-specific applications.

Drawing setup is crucial to CAD efficiency and standardisation. The setup procedure, which should be automated, establishes a scale and drawing area, and might create a sheet border, standard layers, and text styles. Setup also sets a number of AutoCAD system variables, which are a large set of "control levers" that influence how the CAD program and the drawing behave.

It is important that any such customisation aims at improving the productivity of the users, increase the speed with which drawings are constructed and ease with which standard drawings are created consistently.

A2K Technologies has completed several such tasks for various organisations both small and large.

We can completely customise your CAD environment to meet the specific needs of your organisation. This will maximise the productivity of CAD users relieving them from mundane tasks and enable them to spend more time on the design.

You can automate many of the repetitive tasks and processes by writing custom programs in AutoCAD and other Autodesk based programs. Some of the work we have done includes:

  • Modifications and maintenance of existing LISP,VBA or ObjectARX programs.
  • Menu customisation and Toolbars creation.
  • Automatic tasks and routines.
  • Link to external databases
  • Automatic Bill of Materials or Schedule table generation.
  • Automatic plot layout setup.
  • Dialog box data entry to complete company specific drawings.
  • Dialog box data entry to complete the drawing with title blocks and plot setup.
  • CAD Standards and drawing validation tools.

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