Infrastructure Australia is seeking submissions

Currently working on or planning to start an Infrastructure Project? Have you considered submitting an initiative to Infrastructure Australia?

Infrastructure Australia is seeking submissions for the next update of the Infrastructure Priority List (IPL), which will be published in February 2019.

We are inviting Australia's governments and non-government bodies to identify infrastructure problems and opportunities of national significance.

We welcome proposals for all types of infrastructure, including programs of related works and programs for network optimisation.

To submit an initiative to Infrastructure Australia, please complete a Stage 1 Template (Problem Identification and Prioritisation), which is linked below. A checklist has also been included as a guide to including the right information.

To submit an initiative follow this link:

For more information or to discuss the submission process, please don’t hesitate to contact our Project Advisory team on (02) 8114 1900 or email us at

Infrastructure Projects Under Delivery

There are also a number of projects that have been assessed by Infrastructure Australia and are now under delivery.

For more information about Australia’s Infrastructure plans:

To see all Australian Infrastructure project on interactive map:

New Zealand cities are challenged by unresponsive housing supply, increasing prices and rising infrastructure costs. The root cause of these issues is an urban growth system which is not functioning efficiently. The system misallocates incentives, is inflexible and is helping to sustain policies which undermine a competitive supply of urban land.

The NZ Government has committed to a significant and ongoing infrastructure investment programme over the past seven years. This includes:

  • over $46 billion of property, plant and equipment added to the Crown’s balance sheet;

  • a $13.9 billion land transport programme between 2015 and 2018;

  • $1.8 billion on local infrastructure and $2.2 billion on Crown assets for the Christchurch rebuild;

  • over $1.7 billion for the roll out of Ultra-Fast Broadband, and $400 million for the Rural Broadband Initiative.

To find out more information about New Zealand’s Infrastructure:

The Australia New Zealand Infrastructure Pipeline:

New Zealand’s Infrastructure Unit:

To see New Zealand’s Infrastructure Report: (please refer to pages 34-37)

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