How AI can optimise workflows and improve project delivery?

If you’re looking for a new way to optimise your workflows and improve your project delivery, have you tried AI? From design, faster building to identifying compliance violations AI can be an asset to most projects whether it be Engineering, Construction or BIM focused. AI can automate mundane and repetitive tasks, thereby allowing engineers to spend more time creatively solving more important problems.

Information machine learning also ensures decisions are data-driven. AI tools can learn how to evaluate a project from a financial standpoint and detect if projects are starting to go over budget. 20% to 30% of engineering workflows can be automated using AI. AI has the ability to process and analyze millions of data points which means it can understand patterns and even detect some that a human cannot. There are already AI applications that can perform the structural design of a building in seconds.

An AI app can use the company’s past building design data and machine learning algorithms to choose structural member sizing for steel and concrete building elements, including floor framing, columns, slabs and foundations. This means that only a building massing has to be manually inputted.

Another AI application can analyse BIM models’ compliance by flagging violations. Although this product is still in beta testing stage and identifies an average of 27 code violations per project.

AI isn’t restricted to large companies. Small businesses should definitely keep two challenges in mind when considering whether they should invest in AI to improve their project workflows and delivery. The first barrier to effective AI for small businesses, is their ability to obtain and harness a large amount of data. The other barrier to effective AI for small businesses relates to programming, but users can hire consultants to do that portion if it isn’t feasible to complete in-house.

Although expensive, AI is becoming a part of the return-on-investment equation. If machine learning could save twice as much as it would cost to hire a consultant, it could be worth the investment.

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