A Two Month Summary of BIM 360 Releases

We understand that everyone is busy, particularly over the end of year break. And with the rapid pace of BIM 360 development, you may not have had time to review all the new features packed in from the past couple of months.

So we've saved you the trouble and collected them into this enormous summary. And these are only the highlights! Check out the source links for a few more, and of course for more details.

Document Management

December Release

Source: http://blogs.autodesk.com/bim360-release-notes/2018/12/13/bim-360-docs-update-december-13-2018/

Review and Approval Workflow Improvements and Enhancements

January Release

Source: http://blogs.autodesk.com/bim360-release-notes/2019/01/16/bim-360-docs-update-january-10-2019/

Review Comments

Reviews List

View Levels

Design Collaboration

December Release

Source: http://blogs.autodesk.com/bim360-release-notes/2018/12/12/bim-360-design-collaboration-update-dec-12-2018/

Add Packages to Document sets

Additional permission level ‘Control’ for team administration

Manage Master Model to use for levels and phases

Hypermodel Navigation: 3D views icons

Change Visualization

Change Visualization: Compare packages directly from timeline

Scheduled publish of Revit models

January Release

Source: http://blogs.autodesk.com/bim360-release-notes/2019/01/15/bim-360-design-collaboration-update-jan-15-2019/

View, create and edit Issues

Change the color of team’s package nodes on the timeline

Project Management

December Release

Source: http://blogs.autodesk.com/bim360-release-notes/2018/12/17/bim-360-project-management-update-december-17-2018/

Bulk actions for submittal items

January Release

Source: http://blogs.autodesk.com/bim360-release-notes/2019/01/17/bim-360-project-management-update-january-17/

Re-Open RFI from Answered

Field Management

January Release

Source: http://blogs.autodesk.com/bim360-release-notes/2019/01/11/bim-360-field-management-update-january-9-2019/

Ability to capture signatures for checklists

Model Coordination

January Release

Source: http://blogs.autodesk.com/bim360-release-notes/2019/01/11/bim-360-model-coordination-update-january-11-2019/

Multiple coordination spaces

Project Home

December Release

Source: http://blogs.autodesk.com/bim360-release-notes/2018/12/17/project-home-update-december-13-2018/

Card Library


January Release

Source: http://blogs.autodesk.com/bim360-release-notes/2019/01/10/bim-360-insight-update-insight-now-available-for-all-next-gen-bim-360-projects/

Now available for all next-gen BIM 360 projects

As usual, if you would like to follow the BIM 360 releases as they happen, then subscribe to the official Autodesk BIM 360 Release Notes site.


Should you want a demonstration of the Autodesk BIM 360 platform and its benefits to project delivery then feel free to reach out to an A2K representative.


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