A2K Generic Content Offering

  • Our content is built to the Australia and New Zealand Revit Standard (ANZRS) so all parameters, subcategories etc are used consistently throughout the entire suite of Generic Content.

  • Highly flexible to suit any situation

  • Built not to be broken so you don’t receive those annoying messages “Can’t make type”

  • Well-structured filing, making it easy to find just the right family

  • Uses Type catalogues so you don’t have to load every type in your project when you only want to

  • Intuitive parameters to drive the geometry (which have detailed tooltips to explain exactly what the parameter does), or just use the predefined types.

Alternately you may need custom project specific content for special fit out requirements. We also provide a custom content creation service to meet these needs. Enjoy all the advantages of highly skilled Revit content creation experts working to ANZRS standards, without the expensive overheads.

A2K customised content creation offering

  • Architecture Content

  • Generic Content Products

  • Content Services

  • Content Audit

  • Revit API

  • Revit Templates

  • Autodesk and Bentley functional