BIM-MEPAUS is a global industry leading initiative that strives to address many of the barriers holding back the adoption of building information modelling (BIM) in the Australian building and construction sector. 

BIM-MEPAUS was conceived by the Air Conditioning Mechanical Contractors Association (AMCA) in response to growing enquiries from their members about how to practically meet increasing requests for BIM project delivery. They identified that BIM was perceived by many to be too complex, and that there were a number of factors inhibiting efficient BIM process such as lack of standards, industry shortage of BIM skills, lack of clarity in responsibilities and deliverables, and diverse understanding of BIM. 

BIM-MEPAUS was formed to meet these challenges by providing practical solutions devloped through collaboration among key Australian building services practitioners and peak industry bodies. These solutions include; BIM workflow solutions, standards, redefine model content scheduling, provision of suppliers model content, and BIM education. 

providing best practice modelling

The BIM-MEPAUS mission is to develop best practice building information modelling supporting integrated project delivery and achieving better client outcomes. 

There has been a great deal of commentary about the waste and inefficiencies that exist in the construction, and how a delivery method such as BIM can assist in reducing these issues. For these benefits to be realised real process change and innovation need to occur with the whole chain in mind. 


Engages all levels of the supply chain

Finds and brings together the best software developers + service providers

Redefines model content scheduling for supply chain integration

Works to resolve the technical issues and reduces complexity

Works with software vendors to provide software compatibility

Standards and guidelines for BIM content data and representation

Supplies 3D models and manufacturers product to meet the standard 

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