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Why A2K you ask?


We'll let our customers tell you why.

I am a customer of A2K Technologies because of the people in the business. A2K are very cooperative and engaging. They take a reasonable direct interest in our business beyond just sharing their extensive knowledge of their product. We know many of the A2K staff because they visit us, train us and spend quality time with our staff.

Steve Facer

I am an A2K customer because we have found them eager to work with us on business improvement initiatives, and I trust the advice that they provide. I would recommend A2K to anyone in the engineering or industrial manufacturing space who is looking for an Autodesk partner that will help achieve business objectives while reducing costs.

Andrew Honnibal
Head of Information

I am an A2K customer because they provide a one-stop-shop for my CAD software, content, hardware, training and support needs.

Carl Gray

They are a client-focused organisation who always perform above and beyond expectations. A2K assist us to achieve excellence and quality in the projects we deliver across all facets of the business and always meet business objectives on or ahead of the expected timeframes.

Daniel Kerr
I.T Specialist

  • We have always received excellent, personalised service from the team at A2K. From the gentle reminders when our renewals are due, advice on new software, and training and support,
    they have been real partners in design technology.
    - Architectus

    Author image
    • Rodd Perey
    • Pricipal

A2K are a fantastic company to deal with regarding our CAD design needs. They are focussed and have a good understanding of our business. Our A2K account manager consistently exceeds all expectations.

Brett Queenin
Head of Dept | CAD

A2K offers excellent advice, prompt service and outstanding support. A2K have taken the time to understand our business so I can be assured that their advice is sound. This translates to increased efficiency for our business.

Lizette Van Niekerk
Application Manager

A2K is more than just a reseller; they are our business and solutions partner in the BIM space. A2K has helped us better manage our Autodesk licenses, from working closely with us on BIM solutions, and providing product support and training on the Autodesk solutions.

Mark Kong
IT Software License

Modus Design Pty Ltd is an A2K customer because they have the ability to provide the latest architectural software in the market at a competitive price. They provide Autodesk Authorised training courses which are run by trained professionals that work in the construction industry, so they can provide you the knowledge and skill for you to produce the best results for your clients. Their customer service staff are friendly and always eager to help. Our company looks forward to continuing our relationship with A2K.

Shaun Hagenson

  • I am an A2K customer because of a long-standing working relationship built on trust, experience and a strong knowledge of our requirements within the industry.
    - The Buchan Group

    Author image
    • Mick Noble
    • CAD Manager

I am an A2K customer because they can help you to tailor your needs, by helping you to plan and save your budget without sacrificing your productivity.

Darwin Wirawin
Architect & BIM Manager

They are very service-oriented while still maintaining great technical know how.

Matthew Russo
Information Technology

I am an A2K customer because of the excellent service and wealth of knowledge from the A2K team. We have always received good service from A2K, everything is communicated in a professional and timely manner. A2K have always taken the time to source the correct software and hardware for our business needs.

Peter Sama
Network & Support Engineer

I am an A2K customer because the people I deal with are friendly, knowledgeable and helpful, while the services provided by the company meet my needs. Also, their range of products and services ensure that any advancements we make as a company would be covered by their extensive portfolio.

Phil Thrower
Senior Cartographer

  • I am an A2K customer because they are one of our most professional, diligent and motivated contractors. They are continually willing to tailor our business needs.
    - Australian Consulting Engineers

    Author image
    • Stefan Hasham
    • Structural Engineer

I am an A2K customer because of their people, thinking and service.

Dominic Whyle
Information Technology

I am an A2K customer because they provide prompt, efficient helpful service.

Shirley Scanlan

I am an A2K customer because the service offered and given by this company is exemplary!

Ron Witbooi
Production and
Technical Manager

I am an A2K customer because I trust the judgement of their consultants.

Mary Neylan

  • They are a one-stop-shop for all my CAD hardware and software requirements and provide tailored customer service!
    - A-Gas (Australia)

    Author image
    • Dominic Sharwood
    • Site Engineer

I am an A2K customer because they respond to our needs quickly and offer support to keep our products up-to-date and running.

Andrew Larkin
Engineering Product Designer

The level of customer care and priority are exceptionally high (especially from our rep Bayan). Products are also great value. Thank you.

Shervin Khalesi
Project Coordinator

When I was new to computer aided design and drawing, I received good old fashioned helpful service and advice. The guys there have world class knowledge, yet relate to beginners and help them grow in the profession. I would urge anyone contemplating whether or not to deal with A2K, to push through and be inspired by their positive energy – you won’t look back.

Hennie Viljoen

I am an A2K customer because they have provided us a complete solution, service, knowledgebase and a one-stop-shop for all IT and CAD solutions we require.

Mathew Mattaboni

  • I am an A2K customer because they listen to us and provide tailored, cost-effective solutions to our business needs.
    - Ron Allum Deepsea Services Pty Ltd

    Author image
    • Yvette Allum
    • Chief Operating Officer

I am an A2K customer because after sales technical service is critical to our endeavour to integrate BIM processes into our company – which A2K delivers effortlessly with comprehensive training programs and technical support.

Ike Yogarajah
Senior Designer/

I know I can always depend on their people and service. There has never been a problem to which they didn't have a solution.

Michael Damico
National Design

I am an A2K customer because great design is built on knowledge, problem solving, reliability and relationships.

Simon Vreede
Project Designer

I’m a A2K customer because A2K's team provide us with outstanding support and service with our Autodesk Suites. And our assigned Account Manager's knowledge of Autodesk licensing structure has been advantageous as we haven’t had to overprovision and overspend.

Andrew Luu
Senior IT Infrastructure

  • A2K Technologies is our sole supplier of Autodesk BIM products. Several of our employees, including myself, have attended various training courses both at A2K's office and at our own premises. The courses have been professional and well conducted, and have enabled us to gain a greater knowledge of the software we work with. Shahram Noorgostar has always been there to help me with any technical questions and problems we may have, in the best possible way he can. I can recommend Shahram and A2K Technologies as pleasant, reliable and thoroughly professional people, who have been my pleasure to do business with.
    - Meriton Property

    Author image
    • Will Rif
    • CAD Manager

I chose to work with Paul from the A2K team because he understands our company and its requirements. I can always rely on Paul’s advice to be in our best interests, and A2K provide good support.

Mark Raddatz

I am an A2K customer because I had heard they are the go-to-guys for Autodesk software!

Israel Morrison
Associate Director
- BIM Manager

Adam Mule takes responsibility on my orders, and A2K is the only distributor of ASPERA R5 in Western Australia, which is very important as full support on hardware that we acquire can be provided locally.

Felix Cabatuando
Helpdesk Support

TKD Architects have found A2K Technologies to be understanding of our needs as a multi disciplinary practice. Our requirements are continually changing and A2K have been able to advise and recommend training and tools best suited to our evolving requirements, explaining the finer points of why and how these approaches work.

  • I have known and been associated with Shahram for many years in his role at A2K Technologies. Shahram has been responsible for the supply and management of our CAD software and hardware for all our offices in Australia and staff in China over the last several years. Shahram, along with his A2K team, has ensured that all our software and hardware needs are not only met, but the service provided has exceeded all our expectations, time after time. I enjoy our regular catchups to discuss future growth, expansion and options available. Shahram has shown a genuine interest in our company and has always been keen to offer advice wherever possible to assist in that growth. We are happy to do more business with Shahram and A2K both now and into the future.
    - Leffler Simes

    Author image
    • Chris Goodman
    • Managing Director

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