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a2k's vault tools

A2K is excited to announce two new plug-ins for Vault workgroup or professional. These tools, created by A2K's own industry-leading technician, will automate creations of Transmittal documents and number drawing sheets to enable you to achieve greater productivity and workflow efficiencies. 

a2k's transmittal creation tool 

Are you using multiple systems to create Transmittal documents? Do you manually create previously transmittal drawing files to ensure everyone is up to date? 

A2K's Transmittal Creation Tool helps automate the creation of transmittals, to help trace what documents you have delivered to clients. 

  • Creates unique tracking numbers for drawing files to be emailed to clients as Transmittal documents 

  • Customise Transmittal documents with your company and other information 

  • Add as many files to the Transmittal document and all file types 

  • Easily track and send updated Transmittal document and drawing tools 

a2k's bulk drawing creation/reservation tool

Are you spending time renumbering drawing sheets? Do you want a templated numbering scheme to track drawings? 

A2K's Batch Drawing Creation Tool enables users to create multiple AutoCAD drawings from an existing file or template. This tool could be used to reserve a block of numbers, by generating new files as placeholders, ready to be consumed when required. 

  • Create file placeholders for new drawings 

  • Create new drawings using existing AutoCAD files, or templates 

  • Assign a category, appropriate lifecycle, or revision scheme to your drawings 

  • Create numbering scheme templates and customise numbering properties

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